Ukraine Tmporary Residence Permit 

Advantages of getting the residence permit to Ukraine:

the right to move and reside freely on the territory of Ukraine; the right to education ; the right to acquiring citizenship of Ukraine *; the right to financial services in Ukraine (cards, accounts etc.); the right on appropriate working conditions (working hours, health and  safety standards, holiday entitlements); the right to family reunification (spouse, minor children and parents of  TRP holder are entitled to residence permit of the same duration); no need of obtaining visas, filling immigration cards, getting registrations, paying consular fees; the right on duty-free entry of vehicles (for personal use); the right to obtaining visas to third countries from Ukraine; * – only after getting permanent residence permit
Company Registation Process
Residence permit is issued for the period of 1 year on the basis of WORK PERMIT: .The steps are as follows COMPANY REGISTRATION : 1- First We need passport copy and Power of attorney from the Client Attested by Ministry of foreign affairs of  Pakistan/India/Nepal or your home country.Along with contract of services with our company.      FOR SAMPLE OF POA Please click here 2-After receipt of the Power of Attorney we will attest it  from Embassy of Pakistan in Kiev and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. 3-We will Apply for the TAX number it takes 6-7 Working days to issue . 4-After getting TAX number we will apply for Company  registration LTD liability. 5-it takes 12-15 days for company registration. WORK PERMIT PROCESS 6-After company registration we will apply for Work permit as an owner /director. 7-It takes 15-20 days for issue of Work permit . 8-After getting work permit client will get D type Visa from Embassy of Ukraine.The process will be guided . 9-After getting D visa 90 days Client fly to Ukraine and on basis of D visa we apply for TRP of one year. Process takes 12 days 10 -After getting TRP client has to register TRP with home department stamp of residence address in Ukraine on TRP  it takes 4-5 days 11-Now the Process is finished and client do any business in Ukraine Apply any visa from here do marriage etc etc .
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Cost and Payment Terms
Please ask for individual Quotation for Company registrationa and work permit services on our whatsapp/viber  +380930093352 by sending all details about your location age profile travel history etc