Permanent Residence of Ukraine (Citizenship)
Basis of Getting Permanent Residence (Citizenship) 1- Continuous residence on legal base on the territory of Ukraine, not less, than 5 years 2- More than 2 (two) years of official marriage with citizen of Ukraine 3- Investment of 100,000 $USD in Ukraine 4- By legal adoption of a child in Ukraine. We Provide PR Services through Marriage with a Ukranian Citizen details are as follows :                                                    STEP BY STEP FOR MARRIAGE IN UKRAINE: 1- First client have to take any kind of Visa of Ukraine and come .Better is to take D type visa . 2-After the client arrives we apply for the date of the marriage registration in ZAGS(Govt marriage registration office. 3-After getting date client and the bride sign the marriage in marriage registration beauro and get marriage certificate which is shown below. 4-After that client fly back to his home country and get D type visa the basis of Marriage certificate and come back. 5-After arrival back to Ukraine we apply for the TRP for one year . 6-After one year TRP is renewed again for one year. 7-After 2 years we apply for the PR (Permanent residence) of the client . 8-PR is done in 2-3 months  and process is finished.
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